reflecting on a beautiful, warm summer day with miss deysia

so, i’m perpetually playing catch up here on the blog. i have so many sessions i would like to feature! here is one i’ve been holding onto since the summer!! remember summer? there wasn’t any snow…. i feel like this winter will never end!

i was approached to do some head shots for deysia, as she is thinking of going into modeling. and why not? she’s already a competition cheerleader, musician and dancer! an ‘urban’ session was on the agenda — and as i experienced in the spring with my session with amanda, i was dying to do another session in the city! we walked around downtown richmond — taking advantage of the murals and classic scenery around main street station. miss deysia is an amazingly beautiful, talented, poised young lady, and i feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with her — and listen to her play her guitar! she’s a gifted performer, and i know she will shine brightly in the years to come.

oh, and did i mention she’s only eleven? yep. when i posted a few shots on my facebook page i received inquiries about deysia’s ‘lovely senior session…’ the more i photograph young women, the more i love it! seeing their confidence shine through…. it’s wonderful to see them feel beautiful… and sassy…. and confident. show deysia some LOVE!!!! xo


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