stevie & anthony…. and why i love wedding day portraits

hi there! i was just talking with one of my brides from last summer… about…. doing their baby-to-be’s newborn portraits! over the moon happy over here for not only a returning client (yay! they like me!!), but also because that means i get to continue to document a new family’s story. seeing the growth is so awesome and i’m so excited for them too!!

in thinking back to their wedding day… though the whole day was beautiful and filled with love, it’s still a wedding and the day has an itinerary, as most weddings do in order to fit everything in! i truly felt like one of the nicest times was after the pressure of the day and it’s timely events were over… and stevie and anthony could just spend some time together. just them…. well, and the paparazzi (me and my photog friend, melissa). we took them back outside for some portraits — before we lost the glorious light that summer evening. (i won’t lie — much of my initial motivation came from the light!!) but, also, it’s so, so nice to capture their time together AFTER all of the have-to events are taken care of. this is the time where they can just gaze at each other, basking in the new reality. be silly together. relax. tell secrets. laugh. be themselves — but still beautiful in their wedding attire. 

my advice: make time to take these pictures. make time to have a few intimate moments on your wedding day. much of your time will be filled with tasks and visiting with guests. make some time for you and your new spouse to enjoy each other. take it all in together. step away from everyone, even if only for half an hour. you won’t regret it. i don’t think stevie and anthony did. xo



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