[disclaimer: i have not updated this…. for over a year. and i have grown exponentially in that time. please bare with me as i update this!!!]

…. so this is the part where i show you what i’m capable of! hhmmm…. much of this is in chronological order, so as i post clusters of my favorite examples of my work, you SHOULD be able to see improvement… and the newest clusters appear to be posting at the top…. ::sigh:: (my struggles with technology! ha!) any and all feedback is much appreciated! many of the earlier shots are of my kelsey: my muse, my inspiration, my everything.  thanks for taking the time to look through them!

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baby makes five | coon family | hospital session

so, oddly enough, rachel and i always seem to be pregnant at the same time. their twins are one day older than my daughter, and now my son is five months older than their singlet son. though our lives aren’t intwined, necessarily, our families will always have that neat connection. i dig it.

so, i tell stories with my work. theirs is one of love. a sweet, sassy big sister/little momma — who has TWO little brothers, as she is minutes older than her twin, and refuses to let him forget it. a slightly camera-shy, sensitive big brother — terribly bothered by his new baby brother’s crying. an auntie that magically soothes and acts silly with them. mom and dad who love these littles so much…. and then, there’s the newbie…. so sweet… so little…. so perfect….. welcome to the world, little man. welcome. you are so very loved!


fairies everywhere….

2015-08-17_0001 2015-08-17_0002 2015-08-17_0003 2015-08-17_0004 2015-08-17_0005 2015-08-17_0006 2015-08-17_0007 2015-08-17_0008 2015-08-17_0009 2015-08-17_0010 2015-08-17_0011 2015-08-17_0012 2015-08-17_0013 2015-08-17_0014 2015-08-17_0015 2015-08-17_0016 2015-08-19_0003 2015-08-19_0004 2015-08-19_0005 2015-08-19_0006 2015-08-19_0007 2015-08-19_0008 2015-08-19_0009 2015-08-19_0010 2015-08-19_0011 2015-08-19_0012 2015-08-19_0013 2015-08-19_0014 2015-08-19_0015 2015-08-19_0016 2015-08-19_0017 2015-08-19_0018 2015-08-19_0019 2015-08-19_0020 2015-08-19_0021 2015-08-19_0022 2015-08-19_0023 2015-08-19_0024 2015-08-19_0025 2015-08-19_0026 2015-08-19_0027 2015-08-19_0028 2015-08-19_0029please forgive…. some of these images are out of order…. which, as the story teller, drives me crazy!! but, it’s nearly 2am and i don’t have the patience to figure out what i’ve done wrong! xo

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