juggling life…. sort of…

today is a new day. it’s time to get real, people. i’m going to tell you why i haven’t been very active here. i’m going to admit to you all that i have been busy. and dysfunctional. and overwhelmed. and filling my plate too high — over, and over, and over again this year. my full-time job has been a bear since the summer — and is just finally calming down now… or maybe i’m just learning how to better cope with it…. but, my most important job is being a momma. my girl is growing up so fast and she’s so impressionable…. and she needs me now more than ever. sometimes, i feel like i can never catch up on all of the things going on around me, because i’m so desperately trying to be present for her — not constantly working.

does anyone ever wonder why i post the few things i do (to FB) in the middle of the night? because i’m waiting til after we’ve done our nigh-night routine before i abandon her for the glow of the (rapidly becoming more and more outdated) mac.

i don’t do resolutions. but, i will say, i have to start this year off with my priorities in the right places – for my sanity and the sake of my family. i will not take on too many projects — paid or not. i will not take on projects that will not promote growth in my work. i can’t afford to make unnecessary sacrifices. period. that time away from my family is worth so much. it’s time i won’t get back. i hope with every bit of me that she knows how much i love her and the sacrifices her daddy and i make for her… and that she never feels like my second job takes away from her. that would break my heart. into pieces.  i need to carve out time to be the momma my sweetest girl deserves. to my core, i want to document life and love. and beauty and truth. she is what started it all, really. documenting her is where my passion for photography became something more.

so…. i’ve been ‘busy’ living. and, truth: i’m bad at blogging. all my life, i’ve always been a bad journal/diary keeper, so this is no different. though, it is something i’m vowing to make a better effort to do, going forward. how else will all of you lovelies see what i’m up to — all that passion, insight and growth! haha. for now, take a look at the personal side… my sweetest girl.




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