all along the elephant traili’m still figuring all of this out…. life, love, family, photography, the reality of growing a business…. growing a passion… i’m a wife and mother of a terribly sassy and incredibly smart and intuitive almost-five-year-old. i have a messy, lived-in house. i have a full-time job that drives me crazy. i have a wonderful husband. and, i am passionate about the art of photography. i love working in natural, gorgeous sunlight. i think lifestyle photography could be my niche… i love unposed, emotion-filled moments. i love being able to give a person, couple or family a memory, documented beautifully. capturing real life is something i feel i was meant to do. i’m on an incredible journey… awaiting whatever loveliness is to befall me… and my camera. thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read about what i’m doing. i appreciate it more than you know.

1 thought on “me

  1. Heyy I have to schedule a shoot sometime soon! Maybe beginning of November on one of those weekends? I love your work and i know you will be very successful in this business!

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