one of my oldest friends

so, one of my oldest and dearest friends is freshly engaged! and, after having met his fiancé, i could not be happier for them! how rewarding to see someone you grew up with holding the person they are meant to be with! they have fun together, keep each other in check and they love each other deeply. they’re a great fit and i look forward to seeing what their new chapter holds!

our session, on her aunt and uncle’s pasture land in farmville, was a perfect setting. hay bales, horses, split-rail fences…. fields for miles. simply perfect. only thing less than perfect was the heat that day! for october it was scorching, but they made that hot day look breezy….  

to look back on our session, my heart is truly full for them. i think back to my childhood…. and all of the memories of our friendship, and the importance his family played in my life at a time when my own family could not give me everything i needed… and i’m so thankful to have had them and to still have them…. and to be even a small part of the evolution of this part of my friend’s life. to be allowed to capture such a sweet, romantic time in a couple’s life together is special. it’s a tender, magical, dreaming-of-the-future love — unscathed. new. perfect. it’s time you don’t get back and is unique from any other. my job is important: and i was there to make it photographic history. their history.

hugs and eternal blessing to you, tate and jennifer! xo


(and here are a few fun out-takes… )



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