the first big milestone

so, in a new marriage there are lots of new, exciting things happening. lots of firsts, lots of changes, lots of learning, growing, compassion and adjustment. a whole new level of commitment. a whole new realm of ‘forever love.’ a sweet beginning. and, if i remember correctly (as i, myself, have been married almost 10 years), the first year anniversary is the first ‘big deal’ milestone. you made it a whole year.

i was fortunate enough to capture this first anniversary for a sweet couple, adam & kristin. their connection is honest. playful and sincere. true. it was refreshing to see them interact — lovingly and lightheartedly. and a perfect, real-world couple: wonderfully independent, but better together. the best is yet to be — i’m looking forward to their next chapter.

personal bonus: they chose to hold their session at kristin’s family’s river house. the lover of nostalgia that i am, this was perfect, in my book. the house that kristin and her family had vacationed at all her life, the pier and gorgeous, flawless water she had played in every summer of her childhood…. the ‘favorite’ (gigantic) tree at the edge of the property… it just seemed like a perfect spot, serene and filled with the magic of memories. where would have been better to continue making memories? i’m a sap. i can’t help it. i think, sometimes, the location can make a session. the location doesn’t have to be a botanical garden and the sunset doesn’t have to be the most amazing ever, but the emotion that comes from a sentimental plot of land can alway bring you back to something magical and make the session all that much more special. or is it me?

also, since delivering their images, kristin has since made a photo book of our session!! how honored was i to be handed their ‘1st year anniversary book’ and see all of their favorite shots from our session… my camera…. my vision. i felt so honored to have been the one to capture these memories for them. love you guys!!

p.s. enjoy the outtakes too — i mentioned they are playful…. i wasn’t kidding! 😉


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