dodging rain clouds | libby hill park

one of my dear friends, cindy, has been my saving grace so, so many times. she’s the empathetic ear, the voice of reason… the one who talks you (me) off the proverbial ledge…. the one who will always give me good advice and a little tough love in the same sentence… the one that reminds me that i am important, talented, worthy… and fully capable of making good decisions…. that i am better than i sometimes make myself out to be.

now, i’m crying.

and, now it’s so poignant. so clear. the first time i met her beautiful daughter, i knew that she (unknowingly) bestows these modest gifts on those she loves. because, this gorgeous creature is courageously human, humble, quietly confident…. and exudes goodness and honesty. she is her mother made.

i pray, one day, someone can spend an hour with my daughter and see such inner beauty… and i would be honored if they thought any of it came from me.

who knew that their family session that almost got rained out would produce such images… and such emotion. from me.  

enjoy these. i do. very much.

cindy, grace ann & keith, thank you for letting me a part of your day.


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