tiffany — mentoring session with sharon elizabeth photography

back in APRIL i did a day of mentoring with the fabulous Sharon Elizabeth Photography. i can’t say enough about the influence sharon has had on my business and my life since i stumbled across her and her work on, you guessed it, facebook…. does the whole world revolve around facebook? maybe.

we talked about ‘the business,’ covered some techniques, she critiqued my prints and gave me some guidance about the direction of my focus, and i got a taste of lightroom (and have not looked back! haha!). Her passion for the art and teaching came shining through in her desire for me to succeed and grow in my craft. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her and her business and i look forward to the next time i can afford to be a ‘mentee’/attend a workshop with her again! a day full of eye-openning experiences = a worthy investment.

and what do i have to ‘show’ for my day of mentoring? the photos i snapped of our lovely (incredibly sweet AND beautiful!) model, tiffany, with one of sharon’s cameras! EEEP! i had been dying to get my hands on more of a ‘pro grade’ DSLR and, that day, i had my chance! she handed me her SONY a77 wearing a battery grip and a 50mm lens…… nearly three times the size of my NEX… and i had to use the view finder…. a VERY different experience! i’m used to shooting in manual, but not with this big girl camera! i was fortunate to get any good shots — i was so nervous! and it was SO super windy that day!

anyway, here are my best from that day! it feels good to grow. (click here for my mentoring session feature on sharon’s blog… if you wanna see some excellent work — and funny pictures of me with that BIG camera!)

thanks again, sharon!! xo

(i even threw one in that i took of sharon…. she’s way too sunny/overexposed, but i loved her smile so much, i couldn’t resist.)





3 thoughts on “tiffany — mentoring session with sharon elizabeth photography

  1. These are gorgeous Allison …. as well so is Tiffany! It’s so great watching you grow/learn in your art. It’s your passion and it shines through in your pictures. Keep doing what you’re doing 💖

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