what the heck happened to june?

hi! i logged into my blog earlier today, and, sadly, i realized that i haven’t blogged since may. what?! that’s crazy. and, truthfully, i’m a little ashamed, as i was supposed to be doing a better job at this blogging thing… i’ve been quite the busy bee with my daughter and tons of photo shoots — and then there’s that full-time gig that i wish i didn’t have to give so much of my waking hours to… c’est la vie, eh?

so, the last weekend in april i was asked to photograph my first wedding on my own. yikes! i was fortunate in having an amazing second shooter along with me — jessica of Jessica Emmaleen Photography. (check her out — you won’t be disappointed!) her shots are sprinkled in among my own — marked with a ‘jep’ in the corner to credit her work!! thanks for everything, jessica!! you are invaluable!

what a laid back, fun loving couple — surrounded by lots of love from their families. The expressions on the ashley and michael’s faces throughout the day were priceless! and, the way my bride shrugs her shoulders just the tiniest bit when she gets excited — i’ll never forget. it’s like her body smiles when she does. i see why michael fell in love with her.

i had a little trouble narrowing down which images to share here — i loved so many of them! my favorite part of the day was the secret first look! ashley wanted to surprise michael with a first look right before the ceremony… he thought we was just posing for some ‘groom’ pictures, but really she was sneaking up on him! it was so fun to be a part of!

anywho, here is their wedding day story! enjoy!



2 thoughts on “what the heck happened to june?

  1. Allison, you did an amazing job of capturing so many beautiful moments at my daughter’s wedding! I could not have been happier with the final results!! You will be recommended to friends and family for having such a creative eye and preserving a very special day for our family! Thanks a MILLION!!! 🙂

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