taking a mental health day

as far back as middle school, i remember being granted a ‘mental health day’ occasionally. in middle and high school, my mother decided when i was in need of one… and would let me skip school on a day when there where no tests, project, etc to be missed. a day when i could catch up on school work or other things and just breathe a little… they weren’t often…. so, they were appreciated all that much more! i always have been one to put too much pressure on myself… to do too much… promise too much… make myself feel so overwhelmed.

not much has changed. i still try to take on too much and end up sleep deprived and stressed out. i was in need of a mental health day — badly. it is so nice to ride around in beautiful, scenic, rural virginia with friends… not having a destination — just stopping to take pictures of whatever strikes us as interesting. not talking about stressful subjects. not worrying about work. housework. editing. scheduling. technical difficulties. no little (albeit sweet and wonderful) person asking me 800 million questions… just riding along, camera in my lap. smile on my face. calm.

it was also nice to step outside of myself.. a little… i appreciate beautiful scenery. totally. but, it’s not usually what i shoot. i usually focus on people… in their scenery… and… i still did a little of that! i couldn’t help but post my people shots… they are some of my favorites. i can’t help it. also, the peeps, themselves, are special to me. love you guys!!

here are few from that day. these are my favorites. the broken bridge was my favorite spot, by far. wouldn’t mind going back… on another mental health day.


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