RVA business accelerators

so, i found myself in carytown — down at the ellwood thompson’s market community room again last thursday, but the agenda was very much not focused on speaking the universal language of improvisational expression through music… it was a convening of small (established and emerging) business owners — and speakers providing resources for said businesses.

i was invited to document the event, but i, truly, found much of the information quite interesting and some of it pertinent to my own little small business! and, surprisingly, one of the speakers is one of my long time friends, morgan, of morgan porter design. small world, right?

here is a little about the organization, straight from their website:

The RVABA Center was established by local business leaders to provide the Richmond community’s emerging, small and medium sized businesses with an accessible portfolio of advisory expertise in the management, operational, infrastructure support, and community involvement skills critical to an organization’s success.

it was really nice to be in attendance. all of the speakers were welcoming, supportive and genuine in their efforts to help everyone get on the path to personal success. it was rather refreshing.

here are a few images captured during the event.

Jason Caplan — Financial Advisor – Merrill Lynch
Letitia Green — Angel Investor – VA Active Angel Network, LLC
Morgan Porter — Owner of Morgan Porter Design
Lisa O’Mara — VP of Donor Engagement, The Community Foundation
Joshua Barber — Partner, V4 Development
Mike Spinelli — Partner, Clearfarma
Jim Cheng — VA Secretary of Commerce and Trade

Eric Miller — Event Chair
Elly Goldberg — Event Coordinator
Fred Thompson — Moderator


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