an intimate february wedding

romantically, it was the weekend after valentine’s day, and it was snowing!

it was quite intimate — only family and close friends… two doting daughters preparing their mom, the bride. a beautiful toast made by the best man. the poor, sweet flower girl who became ill during the event. the mother of the bride was darling in her lavender, sparkly suit and the mother of the groom was so animated — she made me giggle every time i interacted with her! just so full of happiness for her son and new daughter-in-law.

the groom — so warm and genuine; and the bride — she was oh-so-elegant. stunning, really.

i was ‘only’ second shooting that day (for anjie kay), but everyone there made me feel like an important part of their day. i know the emphasis is not to be put on me — it’s their day, of course — but, it spoke volumes to me that welcoming me into their intimate affair was a priority for them. that action tells a lot about the type of people they are.

when two people are in love, everyone that is in their presence knows it. that radiant, abundant love for one another was quite evident that february day.

to see the reaction of the bride when she heard the musician warming up — practice their wedding song…


to become emotional at the mere realization that you have been so blessed to have been put in the path of your true love…

to love so much that tears well up behind your eyes and your lip quivers a little — and everyone witnessing this genuine emotion pouring out can’t help but become a little tearful themselves.

that’s when you know it’s real.

and that’s when, as a photographer, i feel so honored to be a part of recording such a perfect day.

truly humbled.

introducing sherry & dan!


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