how do i pretend….

wow. it’s been a MONTH since i blogged. how do i pretend not to be as lame as that seems…?

i could say: i’ve been busy.

or overwhelmed….

or i take on more than i can handle sometimes.

or i can just say this: i’m a mom and wife with a full-time job who’s trying to build a business from my passion…. and to do that right, it takes time… away from the blog….

how can i grow as a photographer and a person and not be eager to tell the (blog) world about it?? funny thing is — i seem to have plenty of time to read other people’s blog posts — what they’re getting into — who and what they’ve been photographing…. how they’ve been inspiring others… to be better photographers AND better people. i have been looking up to and have grown to love these pros — and find myself on the edge of my seat — awaiting their next posting. i’m itching to understand what they’re doing that makes them feel happy, fulfilled and successful in their work — and their lives. feeling even a little bit connected to such positive and talented women makes me hopeful…. if i work hard enough, maybe, one day, i will achieve that level of happiness and success in this business…. it gives me hope that, one day, i will be able to leave the mediocre pieces of my life behind and only focus on the parts that make me happy… and pass that hope on to others…

i just need to make it more of a priority…. for myself and my growth and reflection. because, really, does anyone actually read this? haha.


since i last blogged i have: photographed two nearly new baby boys (different families — not twins!!), done some head shots, second shot a wedding, booked family pictures for may with the amazing Sharon Elizabeth Photography, went to the circus with my little family (thanks papa & mary!), began really dealing with a heart-wrenching reality concerning my dad’s health, announced my first offering of spring mini sessions (in the park on saturday, april 6th!!) made a road trip to north carolina for a session with a sweet 7 month old, documented the first meeting (in Richmond) of the universal language room (a spin-off/derivation of the band naqshon’s leap), booked our ariel themed hotel room for disney world next february (yes, a whole year in advance) and practiced countless hours with my (still kinda) new 50mm lens — photographing my child here, there and everywhere… i’ve also had quite a few inquiries and/or bookings for spring and summer. for that, i am very, very humbled. and terribly grateful. 

below is a small sampling of the of what i’ve been doing…. my plan is to turn most of these events into blog postings… soon…. okay, soonish. enjoy…. (in no particular order…. as i can not fathom fighting with wordpress right now!)


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