naqshon’s leap… and my leap…

through word-of-mouth advertising (and a little help from facebook!) i had the pleasure of a local band stumble across my work! how sweet is that?!

this musically diverse, modest band goes by ‘naqshon’s leap.’ from what i understand, in the jewish faith there is a prophet by the name of naqshon. as explained by jason caplan (the band founder) in an article from American Jewish Life Magazine, September 2006:

“Naqshon was the first to jump into the Sea of Reeds. He was the first to take a leap, to take a chance… That what’s we’re doing. Taking a chance with this whole ‘God unites us’ thing.”

first, i met with the band during a practice session. that day, i did some promotional photos for them — to ready them for an upcoming show. i photographed them actually practicing and then we trekked outside and took some group shots. fortunately for me, they were pleased with my work from that day and asked me to come back and photograph their live show! so, i also attended the jewish food festival at the JCC, here in richmond, va. the band practiced a bit and then formally started playing at noon. by 12:15, jason’s almost-two-year-old had joined them on stage! i dare say she stole the show a little — at least she stole my attention! i just can’t help but gravitate toward little ones! (check out the toe tapping shot! she just can’t get any cuter!)

being my first time photographing a live show, i’ll be honest – i was a tiny bit nervous… and humbled… but mostly just excited to be a part of something. (the jewish food festival is a pretty big deal in the richmond area — and not just to the jewish community.) … to be the band photographer… to be allowed to mingle around on and off the stage to get interesting shots (at least, i hope someone else thinks they’re interesting, besides me)… and, to have the opportunity to soak up (even a little) culture…. it was a great day and a great experience… and the stuffed cabbage was the best i’ve ever had.

so, here i am… taking my first big leap. taking my chance. accepting new challenges…. working towards bettering myself…

my skills.

my creativity.

my perspective…

my faith…

my life.

bettering our life…. hopefully showing my daughter how hard i work toward happiness and fulfillment. i just pray that, one day, she can see how important it was for me to work so much… and what a hard decision it was for me to spend time away from her to pursue this crazy dream…

to make that leap of faith.

i hope she will see how important these first little leaps were… that the chances taken and sacrifices made were worth it in the end.

here are some of my favorite shots of naqshon’s leap…. enjoy.


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