the best things

it’s late. but i want to reflect on a few things…

my best part of each day is putting my child to bed. i hold tight to our little rituals. every night after bath and a book we give each other three things:



& noses.

‘noses’ is simply touching noses. it is simply one of the sweetest things we do.

then, the monologue:

(she repeats each muffled line while sucking her thumb.)


sleep tight

don’t let the silly gilly gumbel bite (mickey mouse clubhouse reference)

sweet dreams

i love you

whole bunches

super duper whole bunches?’

… only, when she ‘repeats’ the last line, it’s more of a confirmation than a question. she loves me super duper whole bunches. i dare say, i love her more. it makes my heart ache.

last night i posted a couple of ambiguous facebook status updates about being humbled by an opportunity being given to me — and feeling the need to cart-wheel across my front yard out of excitement, gratitude and, to be honest, slight disbelief. to explain…..

i’ve been blog and facebook stalking an amazing photographer for a while now… and about a week before christmas she threw something incredible out there: she needed a primary second shooter… i IMMEDIATELY thought, ‘how freakin’ awesome would it be to WORK WITH her?!’ then, my next thought was, ‘is there any way i’m good enough to apply?’ after some serious thought, i knew that i COULD do it because i care enough to put every bit of myself into it — and that i would ALWAYS regret not trying. the worst would be that i didn’t make the cut and wasn’t asked for an interview, right? filling out the application thoroughly and honestly was a good experience — it made me think even more about what i know, what i want to learn, what i want my own business to be. all positives.

but, then, last night, i received ‘the email.’ the confirmation. the opportunity. the validation…. that humbled me…. i was one of the ones chosen for a face-to-face interview. me. ME! i read the email from my smartphone, three times, silently, smiling SO BIG while smacking my husband’s knee. i couldn’t even tell him why — i just handed him my phone to read for himself. he then turned to me, smiled BIG back at me and gave me a high five. and a hug. and told me how proud of me he is.

i feel like i’ve never really given myself permission to follow a dream like this before.

i feel like being a photographer is what i am meant to do. in life. document precious moments, big and small. show a perspective otherwise unseen. shed light on things that may have been forgotten. honor the details. capture emotion. connect. be real.

this life is purposeful. if i am meant to travel this road along side a brilliant photographer and soak in all she has to teach me, then it will be so. i will work hard to show her my passion, growth and personal investment in helping her build her business and it’s image, and in developing my self. what a phenomenal opportunity this would be! what an amazing adventure! this could be one of the best things.

so, that’s the scoop, for anyone that took the time to click over here to the blog!

… and since i started with my little chicklet, i’ll end with her too… i was just looking through some pictures taken on new year’s eve and thought these would be nice to share… they are not the best quality shots (very dim lighting, ISO jacked up, etc, etc), by any stretch, but the moment was priceless: kelsey dancing to pitbull’s ‘don’t stop the party.’ that’s what it’s about: the moment.

get funky.

y’all havin’ a good time??

yeah, yeah YEAH!

HEART our sweet, sassy girl…. and daddy’s little ‘bronco buddy.’


2 thoughts on “the best things

  1. Allison: What an incredible PhotOpportunity for you! I’m so proud of and happy for you at the same time! You will do fabulous and think of the confidence booster this will be for you. I’m doing to know the photographer but I’ll just wait to hear. Your dream is coming true.. just stay on that path and follow your passion. Your support system will continue to follow you. Congrats Hun! Go get ’em!

    • Melissa!! Thanks for being SO supportive, as always! I feel blessed by this opportunity — the sheer potential of this interview could be amazing! but, I also feel blessed to have met you this year! You’ve been one of my biggest cheerleaders! xoxoxo

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