The Eighth Annual Sylvester Deck Dance

so, i know you’re thinking, ‘what in the world is a deck dance?’ i can’t say i was entirely sure myself until i became a part of it. to begin to define a such an event, i will start by quote an earlier post: ‘well, it’s a party — much like a wedding reception without all of the pressure of a wedding! there is fabulous food; a band – banjos, fiddles, guitars; a square dance caller; and most all of the guests arrive in cowboy boots and casual western wear.

but, upon further examination, it’s so much more. the deck dance is not only an awesome, unique event, but also a wonderful, spirited sylvester family tradition. i feel fortunate to have been invited to play such a significant role in it this year: documenting it in all it’s fun-loving glory! the square dancing was quite entertaining — and a personal challenge to capture distinct glimpses in fast moving subjects! one of my personal favorites to witness: ‘peel the banana’ where rows of guys and gals line up, back to back and then go down the line bumping each other out of the way with their backsides — hilarious! also, i hadn’t seen the Virginia Reel performed since watching ‘Gone With the Wind!’ so much dancing; so much laughter. below is a small sampling of the more artistic shots from the day! to see more, visit my pro-photog-wanna-be facebook page @ Allison M. Williams, Photographer. enjoy!

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