WHEW!! what a week (and a half)?!

so, hi there! for those of you that thought i may have fallen off of the planet, rest assured, i did not! i’ve just been super duper busy with photo shoots (YAY!!!), culling and editing, dealing with computer-related technical difficulties, appointments, sewing a mermaid tail, that FT job thing, a three-year-old that has suddenly decided listening isn’t her thing, trying to remain sane…. and daydreaming about sleep…. so… my life! i wouldn’t trade it though!

i also need to give a little shout to my husband, brian. he has not only been tolerant of me being away from the house (on shoots) or chained to the computer (editing, etc.), but has also been quite supportive of me following my little dream. not only has he not complained, but he’s taken on kelsey without question and offered me encouraging words daily. thank you, honey, for believing in this craziness that has become my (our) life the past few weeks! i’m loving you.

well, since blogging about my session with miss braelyn, i’ve had two other sessions at the same location: Erin Hill Bed & Breakfast in powhatan. this old house, built in 1770, and the grounds surrounding it, are gorgeous! I cannot say it enough: i am SO GRATEFUL to have been granted permission from the lovely owners to take families there for photo shoots! i’m seriously considering taking my kelsey out there to take our christmas card pictures — unless i actually get someone else to take it so i can be in it too — that would be novel! here are a few shots of riley & amy claire and also the sniders.

besides shoots at the lovely Erin Hill, i’ve also been busy lots of firsts! i took on a project photographing handmade jewelry, took some portraits of a dear friend, frannie, whom wanted pictures of herself ‘just because’ (she hadn’t had any done since 1982!!), and i was requested to photograph the 8th annual Sylvester deck dance in Charlottesville! what is a deck dance?? well, it’s a party — much like a wedding reception without all of the pressure of a wedding! there is fabulous food; a band – banjos, fiddles, guitars; a square dance caller; and most all of the guests arrive in cowboy boots and casual western wear. watch in the coming days — i’ll be posting pictures and details about these ‘firsts!’

OH! and can i just say how excited i am to get out of work tomorrow and head out to short pump?? Amanda Hedgepeth is coming to richmond to holding a Q & A session for all of us up-and-coming photographers. she is so passionate about her work, and her family (including her almost-one-year-old baby girl!) and has become so successful… and is willing to share her knowledge, time and self with us…. amazing!

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