it just felt right.

okay, so it’s after midnight. i’m tired, but i don’t feel like i can go to sleep yet. i have been busy since the moment my feet hit the floor this morning, at 8:20, not 5:00am like usual. oh, to have not only one day off, but THREE in a row! i’m just smiling from ear to ear thinking of what could be accomplished in that vast amount of time! so, here i am, at the end of day one, still on the high of my productivity, thinking about what to tackle tomorrow; reflecting on my day….

(brian and) i cleaned the kitchen (dishes, frig, floors, top to bottom!), reorganized and packed away parts of the kitchen, prepared the recycling for pick up tomorrow, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, did tons of loads of laundry, changed the sheets, stowed things away in the attic.

for not having taken or edited a single picture today (until brian walked through the door a few minutes ago — you’ll see why below) i was feeling rather lifted up in the area of my photography. i called a few clients, confirming and planning upcoming sessions. i got some amazing feedback from  a ‘professional photographer in her previous life’ — the mom of a friend — she was quite encouraging and complimentary of my style. (I HAVE A ‘STYLE!!!’) also, i was contacted about taking some family & 2 year portraits the end of the month! WOO HOO!

i had the pleasure of not only talking to excited clients about upcoming shoots, but also BOTH of my bffs! one with babies running around her feet, and one with a sweet sleeping angel in the next room. i feel so blessed to have these girls in my life! and to be able to raise our babies ‘together’ — it’s amazing to share being a mom with your best friends. today was a good day, indeed.

though, sometimes there are days when i feel a little discouraged… sometimes i don’t get the interest in my work that i had hoped for, and i’m down on myself because of it… then i have days like today, and i can’t help but smile and try to remember that it is all purposeful. this path i’m on is unpredictable. as much as i plan for my future and the future of my little family, i am reminded that the details aren’t really up to me at all. i can only follow my heart and do the things i feel are right, guided to see by someone much bigger than myself. i have to pursue this whole ‘photography thing.’ it’s not profound. i’m not going to save the world this way, but i might save myself. i might bring some happiness or insight to someone that sees my work. my work. it just feels right.

OH! and, speaking of being guided…. i somehow landed in the village in powhatan saturday afternoon — in search of the perfect place for a photo shoot for two families from powhatan, va and i stumbled across an AMAZING piece of property! it is called ‘erin hill’ and it’s currently a bed and breakfast. the house was originally built in 1770 and has been beautifully restored and maintained, along with the grounds. i was driving slowly through the roundabout when i saw the ‘circa 1770’ sign and looked up the driveway at the house…. before i knew it i was turning up that driveway and toward the big, gorgeous house. immediately, i noticed there were two people outside in the driveway and they had seen me pull up…. i panicked for a second and considered turning around in the parking area and leaving, but then i felt a wave of confidence roll over me… i approached the owner/proprietor. i told her who i was, complimented her on her amazingly beautiful old home and asked her if she would allow me to photograph some local families on her property. i had put on my big girl panties and just asked. whew! fortunately, she was quite receptive! it just felt right.

brian came in the door tonight after going out with some friends to watch monday night football. his friend won a tim tebow jersey tonight and gave it to brian! such an awesome friend! here is my proud, denver-bronco-loving-husband wearing the (J-E-T-S) tebow jersey.

brian was listening to ozzy osbourne on the way home, while wearing the tebow jersey. he said it just felt right, and smiled.

4 thoughts on “it just felt right.

  1. I love reading these! Today was especially sweet with some giggles :). If I had my cup of coffee in my hand I would hold it up when I say “cheers to the next 10 years!”

  2. I’m so touched to have been mentioned in your thought for this productive day, hon! And, I want you to consider ME A FRIEND … or fellow (albeit retired) photographer….not just MOTHER OF A FRIEND! I’d love to hang out with you sometime, MISS STYLE!

    • you are so sweet! i would love to catch up, pick your brain, introduce you to my muse!! some days my support just seems to come out of the woodwork, so to speak, and i’m so, so thankful. 🙂

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