faith in timing

so, it’s been a super busy past few days! i have a tendency to spread myself a little thin, and this week is no exception! so much fun, so many learning experiences, so many irritating problems at work, so little sleep!

last night i was lying in bed, husband snoring away, and i started skimming through pinterest. i came across a quote that really struck a chord:


i know you’re thinking, ‘what do these two thoughts have to do with one another?’ well, it just made me think about why things in our lives happen — and when they happen is a pivotal part — having an enormous impact on how we handle them.

do we truly find our strengths in the face of adversity? do the trials in our lives make us who we are? are there some instances when we feel overwhelmed, run down, exasperated and we ask ourselves, ‘really?!? is this really happening to me right now?!?’ well, yes. yes, it is. does it suck? sure does. will you be better for having coped with it? probably so. does it make you who you are? absolutely.

what i feel i sometimes take for granted are the overwhelmingly good things that happen at just the right time. i feel certain that all of these positive pieces have been put in place just for me… that my life is going along as planned… and that there is something wonderful waiting for me to stumble across it…. or earn it… or create it.

so, i’ve got a lot going on. some of it frustrating. much of it wonderful. and i know i’ll be better for it all.

here are some examples of the wonderful:

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