busy-ness… business….

so, i was ‘off’ from my regular job today, but definitely had a full, productive day! i ran some errands, did some housework, had a little family photo shoot with the porter’s (sneak peak below!!), picked up my chicklet from school and we met up with my bff to run some more errands. her first born just turned THREE and his monster truck party is tomorrow!! and, not to fear, i will be sure to post party pictures!

pictures, pictures, pictures….. how nice would it be to turn this passion of mine into a full-time business?? ::sigh:: SO much to learn still! SO grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities to grow!

here are mom, dad, kyler (2 1/2 years) & baby ella (3 weeks)

kyler is a busy little man — full of personality; and little miss ella is so sweet and cuddly — look at those perfect lips! more of the porter’s on the blog this weekend!

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