great advice from a stranger

visit the sight listed below. i was surfing my extensive collection of photography tutorials on pinterest (my new obsession) in preparation for tomorrow, and i stumbled upon this piece from cheryl jacobs nicolai, photographer. this short article was just what i needed to read before my BIG shoot with little man ben tomorrow!! (i’m so excited! i’m jumping up and down on the inside!!!)

i have a lot of questions about my… self….? my skills, my craft, my art, my passion, my focus, my style, my journey…. what do i really want to specialize in? what should my brand look like/convey about me and my work? i love photographing:

babies, kids, families, dogs; sun light, different perspectives, emotions, personalities, silliness, discovery, romance, surprises….

i might enjoy shooting weddings…. who knows?

am i good enough? who decides what makes me ‘good enough’ anyway?

it looks like i have quite a few decisions to make — some important questions looming a little larger because of this article. many concepts illuminated — especially about ‘the journey’ we’re all on. i can not, ever, compare my journey, my work, my life to another photographer’s. be inspired, sure. always.

i am a photographer. take me as seriously as i take myself. ‘professional’ or not. this is me.

4 thoughts on “great advice from a stranger

  1. thank you so much, ladies!! @Paige — you are quite welcome!! i had a great time with you and ben today too! can’t wait to share these fun shots with you! thank you again for the opportunity! xo

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