my heart is full

i have received what i feel like is an outpouring of support over the past week. i don’t even know where to begin. i have talked to so many clients and potential clients and been given so much positive feedback on my work and growth as a photographer… i feel like i’m going to burst! now, if i can collect my thoughts, channel my creativity and skills and have the cooperation of the weather over the next two months — i should be able to pull off some amazing work. there is so much positive energy around me right now that i’m almost overwhelmed by it. i am so, so grateful.

also, i am inspired… my sweet girl, kelsey, inspires me everyday to be the best mom and role model i can be for her. she’s growing up so fast, learning so much and completely amazing me everyday… she started a ballet/tap class last week. here is a peek of her at “dance school.” her teachers and the other parents seem genuinely impressed with how quickly she’s picked up some moves and positions. i’m am extremely proud.

she told me that her favorite thing in the world to do is twirl. how could she not inspire me?

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